The Traveling Books

So today I discovered a wonderful website called BookCrossing . For those of you who use it already I probably seem like a fool for not finding it sooner, for those of you who don’t know what it is, I implore you to go and see what it is about.


In a brief description, it is a website for book lovers…..(just kidding, not THAT brief!)

You basically sign up to the website for FREE (oh that beautiful, beautiful word) and then you can begin your BookCrossing journey….or rather your books can. So when you have read a book that you don’t mind giving away, you register it through your account on the website. So I have finally finished ‘The Prisoner of Paradise’ by Romesh Guneseker, and I went to the form which allows you to register the book. I had to type in the ISBN number and the information for the book appeared (title, author, etc). You select the book category that you think it belongs to, so for this book I put it under History. Then you select the status of your book.


There are a few;

  • ‘To Be Read’ – clearly this is what it states, this is a book that you are going to read.
  • ‘Available’ – this means that this book isn’t reserved for someone and isn’t waiting to be read (basically it is available for anyone who wants it).
  • ‘Permanent Collection’ – this means that you want to keep the book, it isn’t going anywhere!
  • ‘Reserved’ – means exactly that! Maybe another bookcrossing user has reserved it to come and collect or to pick it up from a location or to have it posted to them.
  • ‘Travelling’ – meaning the book is no longer in the hands of the last person who entered a “journal” entry about it.

So I set the status to “travelling” because I am going to give this book away. Then I had to put my rating of the book and my own little review (maybe don’t leave any spoilers because unlike GoodReads there is no option to hide the review). Once I had done this I had to click ‘register’ and this book that I have sitting next to me right at this very minute, was given its own personal BCID number. This is the number which will be able to tell me who has read it and where it has ended up in the future (providing the next person to have the book goes to the link and enters a little piece about what they thought of the book, where they found it, when they

found it and who they are – but that can be anonymous).

So I then had to just send this book on it’s travels. There is a couple of ways to do it.

  1. Just leave it in a public place for someone to find
  2. Create a “Book Crossing”or find one already registered (a location for you to leave the book and where other people can leave their books e.g. a park, playground, cafe, hotel, etc) and then leave your book there. You can even put the date and time you left it!

My book is scheduled to be left in a local park tomorrow at midday. This means that if anyone local wants the book they can go and find it in the park tomorrow. (Luckily there are Free Wee Libraries – something I will discuss in another post – in the park so the book will be kept dry.)

You can either print out labels or put your own handwritten message inside the cover of the book to tell people it is a book crossing book and the link they must visit to leave a journal entry.

From what I can gather, this website is still in the early stages and so the more people who become aware of this and do it, the more popular it will get and the easier it will be to find more BookCrossing books.

I am excited to see where my book will end up next.

Ok, so that wasn’t as brief as I intended it to be, but you should get my drift.

I think that is probably enough for today, click the link, check out the website. If you want to add me then leave a comment under this post. Try and spread the word as much as possible, this is a GOOD thing.


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