Harry the Happy Mouse

Today I have opted for a change of pace….

I am going to introduce you to Harry the Happy Mouse and his fabulous Creator, NGK.

NGK is from the UK and although he has been writing for years, Harry the Happy Mouse was his first published book after people saw his writing and told him he should publish it.

As you have probably gathered already, Harry the Happy Mouse is a children’s book which was published in 2015, and a fantastic one at that.

SYNOPSIS (and this I have taken from Amazon because there is no better way to describe it):

“Teaching children to be kind to each other! Harry The Happy Mouse is a cheerful, traditional story about a mouse called Harry who lives in the colorful English countryside. Harry helps a Frog, but asks the Frog to repay the kindness to someone else. We follow the good deed as it moves through other characters, who each selflessly help someone else, making themselves feel happy in the process! We learn that a little bit of happiness can go a long way!”

After reading the synopsis, INSTANTLY, I was thinking “what an excellent insight for children!” Could it have been any more beautifully written!?

If that doesn’t wow you, then certainly the language and rhyming in the book will! Some children’s stories I find hard to keep track of….if you have ever read a children’s story that either makes no sense or bores you, then you know what I mean.

As daft as it sounds for an adult, this book hooked me as soon as I saw the rhyming. Children love rhymes! Do you ever remember “Each Peach Pear Plum”? I could rhyme that book off by heart to you! Or the “Hairy Maclary” series? If you haven’t read those books to your children then you should! They are guaranteed to love them! THIS BOOK IS THE SAME!

“Every summer’s evening, after something to eat. He strolled along the stream, to see who he’d meet.”

Not only does this book promote selflessness and kindness (which let’s face it, is brilliant for all children to learn), it “practices what it preaches” and the book is available for FREE….yes you heard! FREE! in kindle format through Amazon. You can buy the printed edition too for £4.99 or hardback for £9.99 all through the Harry the Happy Mouse website or Amazon. (click either of those two links to visit the websites).

Harry the Happy Mouse.jpg

NGK has also got a book out called ‘Harry the Christmas Mouse‘ which was published in July 2016.

It has the same theme running through it. Delightful poetry, teaching children to help others and includes the same characters that Harry met in the first book.


“Harry sets off on his short winter walk to discover Santa in trouble! Harry and friends work together as a great team to save Christmas! All set on Christmas Eve, this book is a great story that conveys the magic of Christmas.”

This is also available for FREE in Kindle format through Amazon or the Harry the Happy Mouse website.

To top all of this goodness off, there is a Harry the Happy Mouse Activity Book!! It is £3.99 and has 44 pages of colouring, wordsearches, mazes, writing practice AND children’s crosswords!

You could own a paperback copy of each of these books for just £13.97, which I have to say is fantastic for two 32 page books and a 44 page activity book.


I almost forgot! These books are also available in audio format for FREE.

I am incredibly busy at the moment, but I HAD to write this post. I am just so excited about these books, as is my 6 year-old stepson! I hope more books are added to this series!


If you have children, or know children BUY THESE BOOKS…..and honestly I am not getting paid to say this! It is genuinely how much I love them!




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