Good morning everyone!

It has been a while….well a few weeks…

So today I am going to tell you about this intriguing website ShelfJoy – “The Books You’d Rather Be Reading, Curated By The People Who Know & Love Reading – The idea is that this is a place for Book Lovers to find other readers’ “book shelves” and to curate your own. 

Now before I get to the ins and outs, there is one teenie-tiny problem, if you are looking to find a part on the website which introduces you to the creators of this fab little corner of the World Wide Web and tells you about why the website came about, don’t bother. I honestly couldn’t find anything (if you do please let me know). I love to be able to find out about the creators, who they are, what they look like, why they came up with this idea, etc. If I had a recommendation,  it would be to have a page introducing the team (including their job role) and a little bit about each of them, not to mention (as with GoodReads, Free Wee Library Project, BookCrossing, etc) something about what the website is about, how to work it and so on.

Now, moving away from that, the actual website is a marvelous idea. You can either recommend a genre for a bookshelf or you can just peruse other bookshelves. There is also a “Bot” which runs through Facebook Messenger (I will explain this further down).

Firstly, if you want to just have a nosey at bookshelves which are available, it is simple. You go to the ShelfJoy website and scroll down. Firstly you will see a list of #BestOfThisWeek which is self-explanatory, it is the best bookshelves of the week. I’m not sure if there is a system to this or whether it is just random bookshelves which are being featured. In all honesty this section depends entirely on whether you are interested in any book, fiction and nonfiction, or if you are only interested in specific genres. If you are only interested in specific genres then you would need to search for them, if you are open to any book then take a look at what has been recommended. 

There is a section of the website to sign in but it can only be done through Twitter.

untitled1You can ask ShelfJoy to curate a shelf of your own choice. You can give them your name and email address and then give them a bookshelf you would like to see, e.g. “Fiction about Horses” and they will create a bookshelf based on books about horses. As you can see I have done this and I will be able to come back at some point and put a little edit which will tell you if they add a good selection.


Next the “Bot” – this feature works through Facebook Messenger. Go into your Facebook Messenger (app on Android or browser on PC) and search for ShelfJoy. As soon as you open a conversation window up pops the cute little Bot.


**It is very simple, HOWEVER, for this feature you REALLY must be open to all sorts of books.**


Click the “get started” button as instructed and it sends another message. >>>>

I just selected “let’s begin then” and I was sent today’s bookshelf topic **this is not personalised hence why I said you have to be open to all sorts of books**


You can then explore the shelf. Click the button and one by one the books available on the shelf will be brought up on messenger with the blurb and a link to buy it on Amazon if you are interested. There is also a button to view more of the books or to show more shelves.

For someone like me who will read virtually anything, this feature is pretty handy and a very good idea.

I’m not sure how long this website has been around and I do think there are a few things which need to be tweaked to make life easier for users BUT it is an interesting site and looks to be very promising.

All of you should know by now how brutally honest I am about anything I review and I have to say that GoodReads does already give you recommendations based on a type of book, for instance, when I search for War Horse, it gives me a list of books similar that users also enjoyed. HOWEVER if you want to give another website a chance (which is how all websites get on in life) then use this website and let us see it evolve further! If there is something you think that would be helpful to you using the website or something you feel it is missing then let the makers know! I am sure they would appreciate any feedback that you can give.


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