The Fourth Monkey – An ABSOLUTE SMASHER of a book

In two days I read one of the best books I have read for a very long time……simply superb.

I was sent an ARC copy of The Fourth Monkey written J.D.Barker. (I was meant to read this a while ago but so much went on and my Grandad passed away, it all got a bit mad). This book has been released now and is available worldwide.

J.D. Barker

This is a very vivid, messed up (in a good way) crime, thriller, mystery novel, where the reader is asked to have a peek into the mind of a seriously f*cked up serial killer. His ideals are based on the Three Wise Monkeys or the Three Mystic Apes. Surely you all know about these! They originated in China and they are always depicted in the same way; one with his eyes covered (Mizaru – see no evil), one with his ears covered (Kikazaru – hear no evil) and the third with his mouth covered (Iwazaru – speak no evil)… now you are thinking….but why is the book called The Fourth Monkey…..well my fellow readers….there is also monkey who is seldom talked about, Shizaru  and this wise monkey stands for DO NO EVIL…this, of course, is the most unforgivable of the four…the killer in this brilliantly dastardly book seeks to discipline those who have broken the latter of these four “rules”…which in itself is a bit of a contradiction to the reader….a serial killer…who’s unforgivable rule is Do No Evil.

I don’t want to go into a lot of detail with this book because if I were to ruin any part of this for you, the book risks losing it’s icy grip around your throat. I swear reading parts of this book had my heart beating faster and had me thinking….what the flipping hell!?!

This book actually begins with the death of a man who they know as the Fourth Monkey Killer….unusual for a book which is about to take you on the darkest, most twisted adventure you have been on since reading your last Stephen King novel! He is killed on his way to deliver a message informing the Police of his latest abduction. The hunt is on to find the missing girl!

4MK leaves behind a few subtle clues, one of which is his own personal diary, written during his childhood….I have to say this is an incredibly messed up child, with messed up thoughts and messed up feelings….everything is MESSED UP!!!! Explaining his origins and why he has done what he has done….letting the main character, Detective Sam Porter, peek into his past and try to understand him.

When reading the book, I looked forward to the diary entries the most! I just wanted to know what happened next! Every detail of his life was so cleverly executed. I never wanted to put the book down! Thrillingly this book as an epic twist just when you think it is about to end with a nice neat black bow tying it all together…

This book is extremely graphic and certainly not for the faint hearted…that having been said, I would recommend this book to everyone and anyone!! J.D.Barker is a master of bringing characters to life, making you terrified, horrified and sympathetic, all at the same time.

So far I would have to say that this is the best book I have read for 2017 (it also beats any book that I read in 2016). To J.D. Barker, I would have to say, I applaud you Sir on this masterpiece.

“We’re going to have such fun, you and I”


**P.S. I hope this gets turned into a film someday!!!

Find out where to buy it here; The Fourth Monkey




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