Engadine Aerie

Hi guys!
I have been away for a while what with a new job, moving country, etc, so I am sorry that I have not been around to write anything!
I have missed my blogging, but I am back now! And I have a book to review!!
So this book I have just finished is called Engadine Aerie by Bluette Matthey (Loving her name!).

A little bit about this author. Bluette Matthey is a 3rd Generation Swiss-American author who lives in Le Locle, Switzerland, with her husband and cats. She loves to travel and hike throughout Europe. (I’d love to do that!)

Bluette Matthey

Now onto the book….
This book was part of the Hardy Durkin Travel Mystery collection. I have not read the other books in the series but I would be interested in doing so.
I am half and half on this book, I have to say. You all know I am 100% honest about the books I read and would it really be any use to either readers or authors if I was to try and sugar coat it.
I did find the descriptions in this book brilliant. I really felt like I could see the locations in my mind so vividly, I have never been to Switzerland but it was as though I was there! It was fabulous.
A few things were hard to follow. There seemed to be a lot of historical facts which I failed to see any relevance in relating to Templar Knights, which in my opinion weren’t needed at all in the book because these historical facts never played any part in the actual story line, it felt as though they had been put in there to give the book more substance.
Hardy Durkin…..what can I say about him……he is an annoying man. He just seems to be incredibly nosey and always in everybody’s business. He has a lot of “hidden” talents which mean that he can basically do anything….and I mean ANYTHING. Although I could see him as a real man, I couldn’t stop getting annoying with him. If this book ever became a film, Hardy would have to be played by a really really good actor to stop people becoming irritated by the character!
Although this book is far from the best I have ever read, I couldn’t stop reading it. I honestly do think that this book is good and that the series could be even better with a little less irrelevant fact and filled with more substance. More problem solving.
When we read mystery novels (or when I do anyway), I enjoy the main character working out “who did it”, solving the crime through hard work and not just luck, I feel it makes the book more realistic.
I do want to read the other books in this series and see what they are like, and I would recommend you all to have a read of it. As you all know I will read anything and I believe that we should all give each and every book a chance to prove itself to us. So I ask you all, buy it and give this book a chance!

(I wrote this review a month ago but the website was having problems uploading it and I can still remember the characters, the plot line and a lot of the details! That tells me something! Even if I wasn’t blown away by this book it is still memorable.)


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